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​How much does asbestos removal actually cost?
Removal costs vary widely depending on circumstances: the scope of work, risk level, access, amount of waste generated, materials required and timeline are all factors that will dictate the cost of asbestos abatement. Potentially there are also third party consultant costs for air clearances and daily air monitoring when conducing high risk work. We charge time and materials for the work we do and can also provide fixed cost estimates (based on expected costs) for larger jobs.

The Cost Of Small Asbestos Removal Jobs

Pricing for small asbestos removal tasks, minor asbestos spills or hygiene of a contaminated area are usually charged as time plus materials (suits, special equipment, bags, poly, etc). Call for a cost estimate (613)699-2763 For example you can have us do minor wall cutting which might start at $150, small projects (asbestos tape, shower removal) can often fall into the $900 – $1,800 range, remediation projects for homes or businesses may fall in the range of $3,000 -$12,000 or beyond. Removal of Vermiculite from attics usually costs between $10,000 – $15,000 and pricing can sometimes be roughly estimated $10 – $15 per square foot for average size buildings.

In order to be the most cost effective with asbestos abatement have your hazmat survey done as soon as possible, this allows you to understand the full scope of work and related costs involved. Then you can strategically plan the remaining work and make decisions based on all of the relevant information and your budget. For example budget constraints may dictate that you have a contractor enclose some asbestos containing materials while removing others that may be more of an immediate concern.

Typical asbestos removal costs:
Have an independent inspector do an initial asbestos inspection (called a Hazmat Survey). Limited surveys covering specific work can start around $400 – $800, most homes would fall between $1200 – $2000 range, Commercial buildings $2000 and up. Factors are: size, number and scope of previous renovations, consistency of materials and finished surfaces througout.
Flooring – Asbestos containing flooring can cost from $900 – ??? depending on risk assessment, size, type of vinyl flooring (tile or sheet flooring)
Duct tape and fiberboard in vents – This work can start anywhere from $150 (small amount of tape) to $3000 to have an average basement completed (depending on amount, access).
Asbestos Pipe Insulation – The cost of removing asbestos pipe insultation can start low for a small amount (approx $300) but can climb quickly because the glove bags used for this are relativly expensive. Asbestos removal costs depends on if just the pipe elbows need to be removed and if we can drain the pipes and remove the entire system in pieces.
To remove all of the asbestos from some buildings it is necessary to strip everything down to the bare studs. A complete removal in a 2,200 square foot home could start at $9,000 to remove the drywall (this price can go up if there is asbestos containing attic insulation, flooring, roofing, textured ceilings).
Cost comparison of Moderate Risk and High risk work. High risk jobs require daily air monitoring ($400) and a final air clearance and report ($700) to be performed by a third party consultant (ideally the one that conducted the original survey). High risk work also requires more safety controls: containment, personal protective equipment and other controls (for example: 3 stage decontamination, negative air machines, and a portable shower).
Do-it-yourself asbestos removal is discouraged because improper handling creates a real hazard to people who may be in that environment during the work of afterwards. This is not seen as a process where one can learn by doing – due to the health risks associated with making mistakes. Complex safety protocols and processes have been mapped out and must be followed rigoresslly to protect all workers and occupants.

The cost of asbestos removal per square foot is a difficult to estimate without seeing the site, there are several factors that effect the asbestos removal cost and how long it will take to remove the asbestos. First of all you will want to have the materials identified through a hazmat survey. Then you know what you are dealing with and can make better decisions on what to remove or enclose for your project. The asbestos removal cost will depend on equipment, length of time to remove asbestos from a building – all these factors contribute to the remoal price estimate.

What should be included:
The work site must be sealed off (contained) and clearly marked as a hazard area. What People Are Paying for Asbestos Removal – Recent Comments

Shopping for asbestos removal contractors:
Ask to see certifications, proof of training and third party liability insurance coverage. Ensure they are covered by WorkSafeBC. Select an asbestos removal contractor that has experience and will take the time to explain the process to you. If you are hiring an asbestos contractor you want to understand the process well enough to be able to ensure everything is done correctly (as the building owner you are ultimately responsible for the work done).

Other Material Costs

One reason why removing asbestos from a home or business costs so much is because of the special gear, documentation, and materials that contractors have to use to safely remove it. This may not be a complete list of the materials that professional contractors need to remove asbestos from a home, and the prices are based on an average. The cost of each unit may be higher or lower.

HEPA Vacuums – $800 – 2500 (each)
Negative Air Machines – $14o0 – 3600 (each)
Bags, Poly, Consumables
Asbestos Waste – $350 – $2000) depending on wieght, bin rental, driver’s time to pick-up. Asbestos containing waste is stored in an enclosed and locked bin and is then transported to Heartland via a licensed commercial carrier along with a waste transport manifest.
BCG Number – Contractor will create this on your behalf if enough asbestos is taken from the property
Respirators – $45 (1/2 face) – $600(PAPR) per unit
Each time a work goes into containment they wear a Disposable Coveralls and gloves
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